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The Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard Gives You Total Freedom


One of the biggest issues connected with the usage of tablets and mobile devices for work is the productivity that you can achieve while writing on them. Touch screens are great, but they just don’t offer that much freedom when it comes to typing. That’s why...

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VIDEO: Life with LAG – an Oculus Rift experiment


LIVING WITH LAG – When slow internet causes disruption or delay to the user During two days in April the fiber broadband provider ume.net performed an experiment where four volunteers got to experiance internet’s biggest disturbance in real life. Normal, regular view: LAG view:

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Why Pebble Steel Is World’s Best Smartwatch?


Pebble’s latest smart watch seems to be targeting the 40 plus bracket as the stainless steel design looks simply amazing for the grown-ups. But, why exactly you require a smart watch? It’s not that difficult to answer. You wish to club your smart phone with...

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Preview – Sony 13.3” e-Reader

Sony 13.3” e-Reader is just another example of how fast technology is changing. If this gadget becomes popular, then the day is not far behind when -paper will replace the regular ones in near future.  Though named as an e-reader, its feature go much beyond...

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