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Tap Strap Instead Of A Bluetooth Keyboard


Are you a futurist who always looks for more comfortable ways to do his job? If you are, you must be using Bluetooth keyboard and voice input. The combination of these gadgets makes our lives more pleasant and cozy. For short commands and queries, the...

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Pocket-Safe Instead The Old Fashion Wallet


Imagine having a wallet with a combination lock so your credit cards and cash are secure the same way as the things you stash into your home safe. Billed as a “pocket-sized vault,” Code Wallet is a mobile safe you can use to hold your cash, credit cards,...

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Underwater Headphones That Don’t Have Wires


Listening to music while exercising can positively affect your body in ways you weren’t even aware of, and it’s probably best to combine swimming and some classical opera, but how? There aren’t headphones created for commercial use that can get sunken under water. Here’s where...

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Gaming Desk That Will Help You Burn Calories


The fact you’re a gamer doesn’t mean you should stop exercising and drink only Red Bulls to get hyped for that next level you’re trying to “beat”. Remember, we’re all humans that need exercise as much as we need fun and socialization with other people....

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TrapTrap Is A Device That Will Warn You About Speed Traps


The market for anti police control devices is a huge one. The difference between TrapTrap and other speed detecting devices is that TrapTrap gets the information for road blockages and police stations from a dynamically updated database instead of sensors. Depending from the situation you’re...

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