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BMW is decisive on taking the plug-in hybrids market in the near future and their i8 model seems to prove that. The model was officially presented at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Some of the specifications include a 1,5 liter turbocharged motor, engine with three cylinders, 362 horsepower and a 94 miles per gallon consumption rate. The price tag was set at $136 thousand for the basic model.

BMW’s i8 is made out of light materials like carbon fiber and chemically hardened glass with the goal of reducing weight, increasing aerodynamics, and decreasing the level of noise in the car. Using a 110 volt charger you could fully charge the engine in only 4 hours.

The model became so popular in the past year that the company has problems keeping up with the demand on the open market. That’s why the German auto company is scheduled to release a second edition of the model that will feature a more powerful engine, better sporty design and less seats than before.

Although there are some differences connected with the design of the i8, the biggest difference will be connected with the performance of the machine. The 1,5 liter engine with three cylinders will be replaced with a 2,0 liter motor powered by four cylinders yet it will remain a turbocharger.

All of this will increase the weight of the model, but the company has announced that it will keep the weight close to the 1,4 tons margin that was set for the i8 model. After all, the new model will not have rear passenger seats and the carbon fiber elements will not be painted, which will impact the overall weight of the car. Talking about the security, the brake horsepower will be increased from 300 to 450 units.

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