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Imagine if you can’t see how your baby looks like, even before it is born. This has been a huge issue for blind mothers in the world and it seems like it will soon be a history thanks to the newest revelation in 3D technology. The latest case of 3D printing based on an ultrasound comes from Brazil.

Tatiana Guerre will have her first child pretty soon and she made an ultrasound earlier this week. Tatiana is blind and she asked the doctors to describe how her baby looks like. The doctors had a real surprise for her in collaboration with diaper manufacturers Huggies.

The Brazilian diaper manufacturer helped Tatiana see the ultrasound image of her baby using a 3D printed image as a part of their The 100 First Days, which focus on the first three months of the life of a toddler. The best part about the video was that Tatiana didn’t new that this will happen and was very surprised when she felt the actual 3D image.

Imagine how 3D printing can advance medical researches and the health industry on global level if the start of it are 3D images of ultrasound scans. In a few years maybe we could produce artificial organs with the help of 3D printing. It would be a true revolution in this field if humanity manages to produce a f

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