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Blackberry Z50: Latest Updates

Blackberry smartphone fans are in for a treat this year, when Blackberry reportedly releases its latest smartphone, the Blackberry Z50 later this year. According to certain rumors doing the rounds lately, the Blackberry Z50 could see its worldwide release sometime in Q3 this year. And so we present the latest compilation of updates, rumors and information concerning the Blackberry Z50 smartphone.

Blackberry Z50

Blackberry Z50

The Blackberry Z50 would be a high end smartphone, which would succeed both the Z30 and Z10. This highly rumored and speculated device is reportedly going to sport a superior 5.2 inch Full HD screen display, with 1080 x 1920 resolution, for vivid colors. Another rumor about the Blackberry Z50 is that it could come packed with a powerful quad-core processor, but the exact specs of the processor could not be quantified. Apart from the ones provided above,there are no other exact specifications for the Z10 flagship device, except for one that there is a high possibility that the Blackberry Z10 would release in the third quarter of 2014. There are other rumors concerning a new take on the Blackberry Q10, called the Q30, which would be covered in other articles in detail, but as of now, it can be said that the Blackberry Z50 is shrouded in mystery.

Although Blackberry has been on  a downslide in the past few years, due to a corporate shakeup, there has been a constant fan base for Blackberry phones among users,and that is why  the company has not been deterred in releasing new phones, including the Z50 in the near future.

Blackberry Z50 concept

Blackberry Z50 concept

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  1. Alex says:

    I love my BB Z10 and now Z30.
    Not sure why there are so many people attacking BB but their devices are superb.
    I have owned Samsung, Iphones and I still prefer BB.

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