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As the occurrence of the photo leaking for BlackBerry Kopi has increased significantly, it appears that we may finally see this model hit the market in near future.

The Kopi leaks has started again about month ago, and today we have stumbled upon some new images that have emerged on a Vietnam tech site, Techrum, which are showing us more of the look of the new smartphone from BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Kopi

BlackBerry Kopi

As usual, with clearer photos, there is some speculation about some of the specifications of the Kopi. As of now it is speculated that the device will feature a 3.2 inch display, and a faster processor than the BlackBerry Q5. Mentioned processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960. Unfortunately, there are rumors that there will be no support for 4G LTE at all.

On the backside of the BlackBerry Kopi and its cover there is a removable battery with power of 2,100 mAh. When we look on the exterior we can also find one HDMI port for external display connection and microUSB port for data transfer and charging.

In December the future wasn’t very bright for BlackBerry Kopi, as the company was planning to disband the project and replace it with different smartphone. Also the company was also planning to disband another similar project to Kopi, called Café.

Even though Café is also back in action, that doesn’t mean that Kopi has changed its course, it will stay a low-cost device which was meant for emerging Asian markets, so it doesn’t look like the users from United States, Europe or Australia will be able to get a hold of this device legally.

If we focus on earlier reports, the Kopi is still on its way to approval by BlackBerry partners, which means that BlackBerry Kopi is currently still in testing phase, before it become scheduled for full release later this year.

It seems that a lot has changed for BlackBerry Kopi and that much brighter future awaits this model, then the one that was planned for it earlier. Maybe it will only hit emerging markets, but somehow we think that is insanely better than prophecy of doom.

BlackBerry Kopi backside

BlackBerry Kopi backside

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