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The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Concepts and Rumors

Even before the release of Galaxy Note 3, there were rumors and speculations concerning Galaxy Note 4, which will be released mid next year, 2014. The buzzing word is that this will be the most powerful device in the market. Rumor has it that Samsung is targeting the high end clients, which means that Samsung has to have the releasing time right. Further, Considerations on when other devices with similar specifications-from the competitors- will be released inform the decision on the Galaxy Note 4 release date. Further, Samsung has to be careful about Galaxy Note 4 release date, with consideration that Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 will be released in the same year, 2014.

Galaxy Note 4 Will Be a Tech Giant

If the rumors are anything to go by, the next galaxy note 4 will be worth saving some cash to buy it. There are major technological improvements being made to ensure that the consumer gets the ultimate experience. The giant phablet is said to feature a magnetic resonance technology that allows you to have wireless charging from a long distance. The consumer is already excited about the thought of having their devices right from their pockets. Further, it is said that the 13MP camera will be improved to have sensors that allows you to take images in dim areas. The cameras are also said to have a better resolution than that of the digital camera. The high end consumer should be excited about such a camera!

Too Ambitious?

Some rumors concerning Galaxy Note 4 may seem way too impossible. People fancy a phablet that has a curved and a flexible display, and so they feel that this should be included in the upcoming Galaxy Note 4. Whereas this is a possibility, Samsung may have to work tirelessly to meet all these demands. People expect that everything that was not featured in Note 3 should be included in the next phablet. Whereas there are many promises from the manufacturers’ side, some of these concepts may take quite sometime to develop.

More Features
A 16 core processor is a concept that is likely to be included in making galaxy note 4. Further, a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory will be featured in the next phablet. With such a device, it is possible to download data at a high peed while at the same time having an ample space for storage. The device is designed to thrill the consumers who love gaming. Still, a person who loves to multitask using a tablet will find this device very thrilling. While all these features sound amazing, we can only wait for time to tell where the truth lies.

Nevertheless, Samsung is aware that the expectations of the consumers are very high. Therefore they must come up with one of the best devices in the market, just like in the past.


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