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How many times have you played basketball on the local playground without a net on the hoop. It’s just not the same, and the process of mounting a new net just takes forever, and the worst part is that it may not fit in the end. Believe us when we tell you that you’re not the only one feeling this way. That’s why a group of people started a Kickstarter campaign and got funded to produce a portable net named simply “The Black Net”. It’s a game changer for street basketball and here’s why.

The design is the first thing you’ll notice. The whole black net features a rim protection and net on the bottom. Just check out the picture bellow. You’ll never notice it on the rim, so it’s impossible that you can blame it for your poor shooting at any point. It so subtle, there’s great danger hipsters start using it as a decorative piece.

Functionality is another aspect you should consider. How many times have you put a net on the basket behind your building just to find it ripped apart by a local bully the next morning. This will never happen with the black net because you can take it off in two seconds, and take it home together with your basketball.

The process of installing and removal will take well under 10 seconds. When you want to place the net on the hoop just take your basketball and throw it towards the basket together with the net and it will find its way on the construction. When you’re done with your game just throw the basketball right through the rim, standing right beneath it, and it will land in your hands.

The Black Net is designed by FIBA standards so it’s destined to fit on almost every possible rim. It’s scheduled for release during spring of 2016 and the price is set slightly bellow $30.



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