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Android phone can be purchesed with cheap contract for only a dollar for a while. ZTE, Xiaomi and other manufecturers are already making room on the market for those who don’t want to be attached to their carrier by contract.

But company behind processors and other insides of smartphones ARM has announced a smartphone that could be purchesed for only 20 dollars.

During its presentation on Tech Day 2014, British chipset manufecturer has said that their cheap smartphones cannot be competitors to leading models of Samsung, HTC and other giant companies, but they are sure that some of advanced functions will work just fine.

These devices are intended for markets and countries in development, and places where regular phones are still holding big share of the market.

Except basic functions of a phone, like calls and SMS, these modest cheap smartphones will feature fast and eacy access to social networks, email services and maps.

It is still pretty unknow who will make the phones designed by ARM, but the company has announced that in 2018. the market for entry-level smartphones will double in size, and that they are waiting for their chance up to that period.

Processor that will run 20 dollar smartphone is much stronger then ARM11 chip that used to run the first iPhone in 2007, whose price was $599 at the time.

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