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As the market for smartphones grow, and as their power increases the problem of short battery time arises and becomes more annoying each day.

This sounds too good to be true, but this could be changed sooner than we expected, as Israel based company StoreDot is building a special charger that will be able to charge your phone fully in just 30 seconds.

This charger which is currently under development has size of a laptop, and people at StoreDot are hoping to shrink it down, and make it to a size of a lightning cable. The charger which charges your phone in 30 seconds has been made for Samsung Galaxy S4, but the company has said that it is possible to create chargers for other phones as well.

StoreDot charging a phone

StoreDot charging a phone

You are probably wondering how this is possible or what is the hardware behind it?
The whole new type of battery is being used which comes with nanodots which are super advanced semiconductors which are made of amino acids (Science bitch!)

These are great news for the market, as we may finally be able to enjoy our smartphones with less limitations, which will allow us to forget about saving the battery, by turning of 4G or 3G at times, or not to watch videos if our battery is under 20%, so we can savor it for later etc. When this charger comes, you will be able to make a short brake, and charge your phone in under a minute, and you are good to go with a full battery.

Yes, this charger works at the moment, but its size isn’t the only problem at the moment, another problem that persists is that the full charge that comes from 30 second charger unfortunately doesn’t last as long as slower charging that we are used to today.

But people at StoreDot aren’t discouraged by these problems, and they think that all of these problems will be solved and that the fast paced 30 second charger will be available for commercial use and release in about 2 years or somewhere in the late 2016 as they announced. Also they hope that the price of this charger will be only $30.

Two years is a long period in the tech industry, and anything can happen in that period, but this certainly seems like a way to go, and it would’ve been great if the release was scheduled earlier.

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