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It seems like humanity can’t stop hurting itself by constantly destroying our natural resources. No matter what type of initiative the organizations focused on preserving our Earth undertake or what types of laws governments vote, there will still be actions that cripple our nature.

Drones have been used for some of the most idiotic purposes by individuals since their invention, but it seems like they’ve finally find a way to help humanity. One of the biggest ecological problems today is the illegal logging of the Amazon forest, which is considered to be the lungs of our Earth.

The Amazon Basin Conservation Association, residing in Peru, has found a new and innovative way of drone usage. They’ve probable seen and learned from the examples where drones are used for search and rescue missions. The way ABCA uses drones is helping the nature and leading to the closing of big illegal logging sites.

The organization is using a custom unmanned aerial vehicle, which scans huge parts of the Amazon and helps tracking down logging criminals. The drone was created by a team of researches at Wake Forest University and is worth nearly $500. One of the most important features of the lightweight drone with a greater range than a quadcopter is hidden in its endurance.

The Peruan organization is tracking loggers in a 550 square miles area, nearly the size of Hong Kong, so the time that the quadcopter can spend in air without landing is of high importance. The group that’s working on the project has already noticed multiple groups of illegal loggers and they’ve made sure that they don’t enter the protected area of the reserve.


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