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There’s a lot of speculation surrounding the release of Apple iPhone 6 this year. Apple lovers are expecting iPhone 6 to be packed with a host of exciting features that will make it stand out completely as compared to earlier versions of iPhone. Let’s take a quick look at what’s latest with the Apple iPhone 6!

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

An Apple staff member working in the company’s micro-electromechanical systems department was recently quoted by the head analyst of ESM-China, Sun Chang Xu. “Apple iPhone 6 will feature the ability to collect weather information. The phone can sense weather conditions in its surroundings and pass on its details to Apple”, she said.

The Register, a famous website that broadcasts the latest news in technological spheres says that iPhone 6 will not only be able to observe weather but will also have the capability of monitoring its user’s health condition. It reports that Apple is currently developing an app called Healthbook that can gauge health and according to a piece of information that has leaked out recently, they are also adding sensors to this upcoming version of iPhone. “This app will probably be compatible with iWatch, the much bruited gadget that Apple is going to launch soon. It will greatly help people, especially fitness freaks to keep a check on their level of fitness and plan out a daily schedule for exercising.”

Apple, right now is facing cut-throat competition in the cell phone market from Samsung. If these weather and health sensors are embedded in iPhone 6, as The Register informs, it will potentially be able to draw in a lot of Android lovers. Just 12 months back, Samsung Galaxy S4 was released which included temperature and humidity sensing capabilities. The Galaxy S5 from Samsung that was launched some days ago also featured a host of apps able to monitor fitness levels and health of its users. Apple is planning to release Healthbook just when the Apple iPhone 6 will be launched. 9to5Mac.com also reports that Healthbook can not only monitor fitness stats like how many miles you walk and the amount of calories you burn down daily, it is also capable of storing this information. In addition, it can keep a track of how much weight you have gained or lost and enables easy management and achievement of fitness goals. If iPhone 6 and Healthbook hit the cell phone market together, geeks are bound to see a great bout between Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone.

It’s not only the weather and health that’s being rumored. A lot is being speculated about the build of Apple iPhone 6 as well. Apple, as we all know is one of the cell phone brands that endeavor to strengthen and slim down their forthcoming handset models. This year, some experts predict that the Apple iPhone 6 will be seen with a Liquidmetal body. It is a type of alloy much durable and harder than Aluminum. Though on paper it appears like iPhone lovers will now possess a svelte and more light-weighing piece that does not compromise on durability and quality of build, in reality it’s not that probable.

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