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Many people from the industry are claiming that Apple is going to present new iOS 8 operating system on the upcoming WWDC conference.

For the first time after long time the excitement of the public has come down. It  seems that the industry has reached the point at which the smartphone operating systems aren’t offering big and revolutionary updates anymore, instead all we get are small updates and a lot of fixes.

Considering the mentioned mood, we may ask a question: What can be added to the new iOS? The fact is, not so much could be added.

Problem aren’t Apple, Android or any other company which doesn’t shifts enough attention to the resources required for development, because the companies really do invest a decent amounts of money into research and development. Problem lays in the fact that simply there isn’t too much left to be added to the small machines in our pockets, and that something doesn’t exist already. Also the list of things we really need is getting smaller and smaller.

What iOS desperately needs?

Some time ago it was much easier to give an answer to this kind of question. In comparison to its biggest rival Android, iOS desperately needs copy / paste function and step by step voice instructions for its maps application. These are just two examples.

Apple has been criticized publicly because of these flaws, but as it already happened with all other wishes of the users, Apple has eventually added them, maybe just a bit slower then required.

When it comes to other features, there aren’t so many things that could be added, next to NFC and mode for kids. The users of Android maybe consider that the widgets are a must have feature, but that would be just another function which would fast turn into a usual and not so important thing.

What do rumors tell us?

Another thing that makes things harder for Apple when it comes to surprising the users are third party apps which fill the smartphones with almost all possible and impossible functions.

The question remains, how many ideas the Apple team has come up just to find out later that third party application for that exists already.

If we scratch a bit deeper into the iOS 8 rumors, the platform could get an application called HealthBook, a special app for iTunes Music, Shazam integration for Siri, and other apps and features.

All these modifications are nice add-ons and upgrades, but they aren’t going to bring something revolutionary.

Rumors are giving us glimpses of what we can expect, but nothing that we heard or that is planned is not going to change our lives, unless the Apple succeeds in surprising us with something we didn’t know we needed.

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