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Apple has celebrated yesterday 13th anniversary of their famous Apple stores. The first Apple store has been opened on 19th of May 2001 in the US in Tysons Corner center in McLean, Virginia.

First Apple store at McLean, Virginia

First Apple store at McLean, Virginia

No matter how amazing it looks, this move was considered as an extreme risk and possible gamble at the time, and critics were almost positive that the company will in no way profit by opening a retail store.

However, Steve Jobs was convinced that this was going to be a successful move, and the rest is history.

Today, Apple has 424 stores around the globe, from which 254 are located in the United States. US based stores are also the most successful, and they earn more per square then famous jewelry Tiffany or one of the biggest shopping stores in the world Harods.

Check out the video below, which portrays Steve Jobs in the first Apple store, just six days before its official opening.

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