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Interesting, but good news is coming from Apple. The company has confirmed that their upcoming dashboard powered by iOS and called CarPlay won’t be limited to brand new vehicles only.

Dashboard media receivers created by a Japanese manufacturer of sound systems Pioneer, and with specialty in car sound systems, will be having support for CarPlay starting this upcoming summer.

Beofre this announcement it was rumored that other third-party stereo makers could be implementing CarPlay into their devices soon.

Support for CarPlay software will come in a form of a firmware update for the popular Pioneer 2014 NEX line of products. These units have a price range from $700 (around £420) up to $1400 (around £840).

This news has been announced by Pioneer in their official press release, and the Apple has confirmed this story to the website The Verge.

iOS CarPlay rumored mockup

iOS CarPlay rumored mockup

What will CarPlay actually be able to do for you? Well for instance, CarPlay will allow you to control functions of your iPhone like playing media or using GPS and maps. You will be able to control these functions using Siri’s voice commands or by using touchscreen on your car’s dashboard.

This system is dependent on iPhone that must be attached to it. System will be supporting only iPhone 5, iPhone 5s or iPhone 5C.

Earlier information that we have been receiving has been suggesting that perhaps Mercedes-Benz was looking for solution to implement CarPlay into their aftermark cars, but no official reports have come in as of today.

CarPlay will be coming as built in equipment in 2014 car models. Some of them include Mercedes C Class, Ferrari FF and Volvo XC90 SUV.

Other brends like Hyundai, Jaguar, Honda and Land Rover have announced that they will be adding CarPlay to their new product lines very soon.

This is an unusual move for Apple, and they haven’t done this in a very long time. Apple has used to control both hardware and software of their products in order to provide full experience to the user, but it seems that they had difficulties marketing this product in that way, and there is also pressing concern as big names like Google and Microsoft are also entering a vehicle component markets.

In the past most of the moves Apple made regarding implementation of their software to someone else’s hardware were sloppy.  We now hope that Apple has learned from the past mistakes and that this time software will be more open to the third party hardware manufacturers.

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