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SwiftKey is one of the oldest and most used virtual keyboards available on Google Play, despite it wasn’t a free app. Now the app which allows many users easier typing has become completly free, just right before the premiere of the keyboard designed for iOS 8 which is going to be held this fall.

Even though tha app is becoming freeware, the company has thought about its previous customers that has already bought the product. All users who bought the SwiftKey app will receive $5 worth theme package for free, and the company behind SwiftKey is hoping for further successes.

Jack Reynolds the company CEO, has issued a press release in which he says that the company is focused on adding more functions and possibilities to its technologies, but also on creating an exquisite content which will attract even more users.

SwiftKey was on the top of the list of the most selling apps more then any other payed app at the Google Play store, but it was unavailable for iOS users.

Apple has finally allowed use of third party keyboard with their latest iOS 8 update, and how will that look we will see on the fall.

When it comes to possibilities and functions for the iOS SwiftKey app they should be like ones the Android users have already used to.

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