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Off late Amazon has created a great buzz in the world of amazingly innovative smartphones as the company is believed to come up with its highly anticipated 3D mobile phone which is going to add a new dimension in the technical developments of many upcoming smart gadgets. With the break of this terrific news there are several speculations about the 3D viewing technology and the assistance it might require accomplishing the magnificent objective.

There is a section of technical experts which don’t support the idea of integrating the 3D aspect with mobile phones as it would require a compatible eye wear for an authentic look. On the contrary there have been a long research and development going on to bring more genuineness to Retina reading technology. Let’s have a look on some interesting facts which support the feasibility of developing a safe 3D viewing smart phone


Retina reading technological development

Amazon seems to be tremendously geared up to bring out a glasses free technology with a superb advancement where the front facing camera of the 3D smart phone would keep tracking the viewer’s retinas and present the on screen available images with a hologram-esque effect.

The challenge                                                

Different trade analysts believe that the 3D viewing development is a doomed mechanism and it’s not going to succeed as even earlier different mobile phone companies tried their hands on the same view but got failed to create any demand. Two years back LG Optimus 3D P920 arrived in market with a tremendous wave as the mobile phone claimed different amazing promises including superlative 3D view on images and characters but ultimately the users found no real substantial truth with the usage.

Micromax also launched its 3D mobile but could not capitalize much on the thought. Users have a mind set about the unorganised gimmicked strategies of the mobile phone companies and Amazon will have to uplift the effort to provide some real authentic technical applications to the subscribers.

How it can be a game changing move

Despite of a great criticism there is a technical section which believes that Amazon does have the potential and could rise as a mobile world game changer. The company requires bringing different prolific innovations to change the face of mobile gaming, 3D mobile photography and even 3D characters development for typing. Witnessing 3D games with a holographic virtual window will add a stupendous enthusiasm among the mobile gaming buffs. What better could be asked if the innovation brings an astonishing spectacle of 3D mobile images which you could set on your palm, as you are holding them. Sources reveal that Amazon might add a dual camera for users to have a meticulous experience of stereoscopic 3D photography. The feature is available in Nintendo’s 3DS, LG’s Thrill 4G and HTC’s EVO 3D.

Advantages with Amazon

Amazon is going to score high over the rival contenders as the company has a great past to come out with its modest pricing gadgets. Sources reveal that there would be a huge ecosystem pool of apps, e-books, music, games and much more from Amazon’s digital scaffolding.


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