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Amazon SmartPhone :Rumours

It has been very long time since the release of Mini tablet of Amazon codenamed as “Kindle Fire” and the success of this tablet lead to the rumours that company would turn to smartphone. Rumours of Amazon smartphone emerged over the internet when New york time report claimed that Company is planning to develop its own smartphone.Tough no official confirmation came out about the release of Amazon smartphone ,only rumours and leaked information emerged all over the internet,so here in this article we will cover all those information about the Amazon  smartphone one by one:

Amazon SmartPhone

Amazon Phone pic from http://www.androidincanada.ca/

#First rumour that emerged was that HTC may work in collaboration with Amazon to develop its new smartphone.
#On internet some of the site claims that Amazon is planning to develop more than one device,one of them is similar to its tablet Kindle fire ,another one may dubbed as”Smith” will feature a 3D user interface.
#Latest rumour emerged that Amazon is planning to release its smartphone with advanced 3d gesture eye tracking input and it might put small camera sensor units in to each corner of device by this it has the capability to recognize its user as 3d object at the same time it can accept 3d gesture as input and can navigate its user interface according to it.
#rumoured also claims that Amazon smartphone may feature 13 MP rear camera,4.7 inch HD display ,powered by snapdragon 800 processor.
#It is also believed that Amazon has bought Evi -an application similar to Apple’s siri a natural voice search engine .
#Amazon smartphone may operate on Android version that was used in the kindle fire-Fire OS 3.0 Mojito
#Amazon smartphone release date?- million dollar question
Report in 2011 said that it may released in end of last quarter of 2012,it didn’t happen more time passed no official confirmation came out publicly about the release date of Amazon smartphone, although some site claims that it might released in 2014.

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