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As more and more reports come in it is certain that another tech giant will be launching its own smartphone. Yes, you guessed it right, Amazon will be unveiling its first smartphone device in June, and the launch of the product is expected in September, as the latest information came in.

People who are very-well informed about Amazon’s business plans have whispered to Wall Street Journal that the first smartphone from Amazon is scheduled for release at the end of the third quarter this year.

It is rumored that the Amazon has been showcasing its new smartphone to different developers in Seattle and San Francisco, and the company has reportedly scheduled a conference where the phone will be unveiled for late June. Amazon’s headset won’t be available for purchase until the end of September which is traditionally Apple’s term for launching new iPhones.

Even though that the new Amazon’s smartphone will be facing really tough competition from Samsung and Apple, it seems that it may have an ace of its own. According to the reports that came from people who tipped the Wall Street Journal, the new Amazon handset will have a possibility to replicate 3D images without use of special glasses. It will be using retina-tracking tech system which will be featured in four front-faced cameras which will allow the Amazon smartphone to project 3D images which will feature an effect that will look like a type of hologram.

As other reports come in, we can also conclude that Amazon has been on fire lately.
They have launched their Amazon Fire TV last week which increased their market share when it comes to hardware.

Also Amazon is no stranger to the tablet audience, as we are all aware of their e-readers and their most famous tablet device Kindle Fire. Unveiling and release of an Amazon smartphone only seems as the next logical step for company to bring even more audience into their media and publishing empire.

This is a lot of smoke that has been lifted without any actual facts and possible confirmed sources, so we will definitely confirm and believe the news about new Amazon smartphone as soon as we receive first confirmed sourced report.

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