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Gionee Elife 7 is the latest offering by Gionee. Gionee is China’s leading smartphone manufacturer and is know for offering premium smartphones at unbeatable price. Earlier, they use to make smartphones for other biggies of the market but from last year, they have decided to launch their own smartphones in the market and since then, they have been giving their competitors a run for their money!

Gionee Elife 7

Gionee Elife 7

Gionee Elife 7 has got a super sleek look. The polycarbonate built is not only strong, but the smartphone, surprisingly, remains cool even after being used non stop for hours. You can play your favorite games on it for hours, or can run other multi applications, but unlike most of the other premium smartphones, you wont feel the heat on Elife 7.

As far as the configuration goes, Gionee Elife 7 has got an impressive 5.5” fully HD display, which comes power packed with a 2.2 GHz Quadcore processor. It boasts of the cheapest smartphone with Qaulcomm Snapdragon 800 and also facilitates NFC. The 16 MB internal storage version has a 2 GB RAM, whereas the 32 GB storage has got 3 GB RAM. However, there is not much price difference between the versions and therefore, the later is expected to fetch better sales results.

Gioness Elife 7 has got a 16 MP main camera and a 8 MP front camera. The smartphone is being promoted as photographer’s delight and the camera indeed works as a charm indoors and in low light but it does not gives impressive results in high light outdoors. One struggles to see the screen clearly, when the sun is at it’s high.

However, the audio quality of Gioness Elife 7 is exceptional. It’s crystal clear and can be compared to the quality of iPhone. Even at the optimum, you won’t hear the disturbing noises from the background. The 3500 mAH battery may sound a bit on the lesser side of the configuration, but the smartphone seems to manage its internal resources exceptionally well and we are able to run it for almost a day on this battery life. It comes in lots of eye catchy colours but looks best in sober pure white and black and these two colours are expected to fetch better sales results than others.

Lots of people are curious to know if Elife 7 could be a better choice over Nexus 7. Well, on paper the 32 GB version looks better than Nexus 7 in all aspects including price, but unlike Nexus 7, E7 is not likely to get the latest software updates by the Google, which takes it on backfoot at software level.

Overall, E7 is a good entry in the market. Although people are still skeptical about this Chinese brand, which is still new as compared to its well established competitors, but the price they offer for the super configuration is indeed tempting for many! If they can match the price and quality with an effective customer support, rest be assured Gionee Elife 7 is all set to make news in the world of high end premium smartphones.

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