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You got your GoPro and all the necessary accessories like helmet, flying drones and so on, but is that really all? How many times have you found yourself in a situation where the video recorded with your GoPro is unusable or at least tough for watching? This is where Aeon by Aetho comes into play by stating how you should start recording videos that are worth watching. What’s the point of having a GoPro if you can’t record a quality video.

It sounds pretty simple and unnecessary, but have you ever tried some running or diving with the go pro in your had? You would know it’s a tough assignment to stay focused and direct the video precisely towards one point in the space. Even if you think you’ve got everything under control with your tight manly grip, you may soon realize your hands shake like a chihuahua on a cold rainy afternoon.  The need of adding Aeon to your video making collection seems inevitable now, doesn’t it?

Now let’s go and see what exactly is this cool new gadget. It’s Aetho’s first commercial product, something similar like Freevolt for Drayson Technologies except that Aetho isn’t involved in the electric car racing and it isn’t that revolutionary. Aeon is a small and handy GoPro stabilizer that will allow you to record steady and quality videos with a tight grip over your camera. It has been crated as a result of a successful IndieGoGo campaign.

Don’t be mistaken, products like this one already exist on the market, but none of them was so well designed and stable as the Aeon. Just look at the gif bellow and you’ll notice how easy to handle your new gadget will be, while enjoying all the benefits of a futuristic and functional design.

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