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One of the biggest problems of our modern time is that certain time of the week when your connection goes down.

What else to do than restart your rooter right?

Although there are million other things you can do when your connection with the Internet breaks, the easiest thing to do is to reset your router.

Depending from the positioning of your router this can be both boring and time consuming, if it happens in the middle of a sentence of your master thesis creation process.

Sounds like a simple problem yet there wasn’t a simple solution to it till now.

Say hello to the ResetPlug, power adapter, whose only goal in life is to keep your internet connection alive by restarting your router whenever it goes down.

The plugin operates under the assumption that you’ve connected your router and adapter to a power source before and it acts as a certain bridge between the two.

What’s most important is that you’ll always be connected or at least be aware that your connection is down although your router was already reset.

The simple little device needs to connect to your network using WiFi technology and will detect any network issues before they even occur on your home screen, and at the same time control the power supply using a simple and effective hardware that can be plugged in whenever you want.

How does all of this function?

As soon as The Reset Plug notices there’s something wrong with your network it won’t wait a second longer to notify you and restart your router.

If this problem remains unsolved, the device will try to re-connect every five minutes using the same method until a connection is made.

You can change the time frame using an app or by just accessing one of the access points.
The price of The ResetPlug is currently set at $59.99, but it can save you lots of time on the long run.

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