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In this iRig review for their latest product named Acoustic, we’ll try to show all of you guitar lovers there’s a simple way to record everything you play on your iPad or Android smartphone.


It’s funny to see how the market for instrument smartphone accessories is flooded with products, but only if you aren’t using an acoustic guitar or an ukulele. That’s why iRig created Acoustic, their latest product focused towards musicians that play an acoustic instrument. The creator behind this tiny yet innovative guitar pickup claims that it will allow you to record sessions with a higher quality compared to the usual studio microphone.

Amplitube Acoustic is an app that works perfectly together with the iRig acoustic and it will create a surrounding in which you’ll get a full frequency range and the ability to work with complex harmonics. This way you get the easiest and most simple, not to mention cheapest, way to record acoustic sessions outside of an actual recording studio.


The device is very small, which makes it easy to mount it on the sound hole of your acoustic guitar. The integrated MEMS type microphone, a part of the omnidirectional mic family, provides you with enough hardware to perform the perfect recording session.

With this tool that captures a focused range of detailed sound waves, the app can work with every vibration that occurs in your guitar. That’s why this little piece of hardware can be a game changer in the recording industry. Imagine if you’re a part of a band that has a $200 budget for their next album and you can make most of the recordings using iRig’s Acoustic.

Installation is also as simple as it can get. You only need to clip the device on the sound hole of your guitar and plug it in your smart device. Calibration is a must, but that’s the case with every other accessory on the market.


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