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The team at ETH Zurich has managed to train 4 different drones to go in circles around a centralized pole while managing to stay out of each others way. Each one of these drones goes with speeds higher than 50 km/h and is able to maintain a very stable path around the pole.

This may look as lots of fun, but the experiment started with a bigger goal in mind. Imagine if you can do this with bigger unmanned areal vehicles. The ability to control aerial vehicles that have no pilots with such precision means a lot to the combat equipment industry.

Imagine how many lives can be saved if the airplanes, drones and helicopters that go into battle are successfully controlled from the base and have no pilots inside.

According to the latest press release by ETH Zurich, the tests were held in order to promote new ways of controlling quadrocopters at very high air speed while learning about the way these devices behave during their time in air.

Through these tests the institute is also learning about the physical boundaries of the drones, which is very important for future development and production of new models.

The Flying Machine Arena from Zurich is planning to take couple of more tests that will also include light and sound effects.



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