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Who doesn’t want to relive the happy parts of their lives? I always find pleasure when I’m looking videos and photos from my past. With the upcoming technologies soon we are going to be able actually to film private 3D VR videos. 3D shooting is mostly available for commercial use, and it has high expenses. HumanEyes Technologies are hoping to change this by bringing the costumers a 3D VR camera product for personal use.

Similar to its competition, Vuze 3D VR camera is a compact camera that can shoot 360-degree videos, but the advantage of this camera is the actual 3D recording. The mobility of Vuze 3D VR camera with dimensions of just 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.2 inches isn’t questionable. It can easily be fitted into your bag or even your pockets. Although it sounds like a small gadget, don’t let the size fool you. Vuze camera has eight onboard cameras, which can record with an amazing 4k quality with 30 frames per seconds. The storage system works through SD card and according to the creators, recordings of 1 hour will take about 60GB of space. The records the SD card are a raw material that needs to be transferred on a PC application that is going to stich it up automatically.

The camera comes with simple functions, and it’s going to be easy for use. It has one button, integrated WiFi so you can control it through a phone application. The package also contains mini-tripod and optional waterproof case, if you have plans to do underwater recordings. The only flaw of this device is its battery. The expectancy of the battery is one hour, so if you’re planning to use it on road trips, you may need to bring a portable charger with you.

The Vuze 3D Camera is available for preorder, and the price is surprising. It’s a 3 figure number of 799$


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