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The MagSafe Charger Can Be Used For Other Devices

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The new Apple Smartwatch has its own MagSafe charger that uses Qi wireless charging technology, one of only three standards of its type that’s trying to rule the market in this niche, but the interesting thing here is that you can use MagSafe to charge other devices.

The other two standards that are used when we talk about wireless charging are PowerMat and Rezence, both of whom have gathered forces in order to allow make the life of mobile developers easier, but it seems like they’ll have a serious battle to win against Qi.

At one point the industry will need to decide if they want to go with Qi or the second best solution on the market. The fact that you can use Apple’s Smartwatch charger for other devices gives a big edge to the Qi wireless charging standard. The support from Apple means a lot for Qi and the fact that their smartwatch can use only the MagSafe charger says a lot.

The Digital Crown Found Its Purpose

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Apple had issues with the fact that their initial smartwatch model, although water resistant, couldn’t protect the flat screen in more drastic situations. That’s why they’ve added the Digital Crown option in a form of a little wheel on the side of the smartwatch. The Digital Crown helps you protect the smartwatch in any situation, even if you want to pour buckets of water directly on the flat screen.

The Apple Smartwatch Has The Power To Measure Blood Oxygen Levels, But It Won’t

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Apple has created such a powerful heart monitor in the likes of iFixit that it could not only measure how many heart beats you skip per minute, but it also has the power to measure the level of oxygen in your blood. The reason why this feature was not included in the final product by Apple is because it crosses the line of some Federal Laws.


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